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Fish eating fish game with stunning side scrolling graphics. Keep your fish happy, score points, grow bigger!

I am Voodoo

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Armed only with pins, sewing is the last thing on this little voodoo doll's mind..

Inspector Parker

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Can you solve the murder?

Irrigate This

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Dig a trench to irrigate your crops before they dry out.

Play a game of bricks with Obama.

Ivy Bricks

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Stapeln Sie die Truhen.

Ivan likes to travel very much! Especially in search of treasures! Todays travel brought him into the gnomes cave, full of gold coins... but its not easy to get treasures of gnomes!

Help Joe avoid as many swords as possible!

Its Brat Invasion

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It is not even Christmas yet and the brats are already trying to get their hands on the presents. It is your job to stop them! Don't let a single kid snatch a pesent from under the tree. Use traps to stop the kids!