Spiele aus der Kategorie „Match“



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Drehe die Ringe so das du eine Reihe voll von einer Farbe bekommst.

Sheep vs Skulls

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Bringe mindestens drei gleiche Geister in eine Reihe und lass sie verschwinden ohne die Schafe verschwinden zu lassen

Lisa's Cute Bugs

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Get ready for Lisa's cute bugs! Her amazingly funny looking cute bugs will enchant your day as you spend it in their lovely company. Pair them up in lines of three or more and see them pop away and make room for new little friends. Just like Mina's popping candies, these little feisty ones will glitter away as you put your skills to the test. So how about it? Join the pretty butterflies, funny worms and cute ladybugs as you prepare them for take-off. Lisa's bugs are so adorable, you will totally love their cute faces as you line them up and make them disappear. Good luck and have fun!


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Ballies is a simple, but addictive color matching, avoider, arcade game. Bump Ballies of the same color as the background for points. Collect bonus items for special powerups.

Bad Apples

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Bad Apples is a turn-based puzzle game that adds a whole new flavor to the classic match-three formula established by Bejeweled. Matching three or more identical fruits in a row or column juices the fruit, removing it from the board and putting it towards meeting your juice-making quota. But Bad Apples stand in the way of your success: match too many of these fruits, and its game over!.

Play a game of bricks with Obama.

Ivy Splash

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As the ball characters drop, match 4 or more to make them disappear as they speed up.

Fat Cooker

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Help to grow thin to the cook who has typed excess weight. For this purpose you need to clean products from a game field and to catch only the useful.