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Treasure Ocean

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Sponge Bob de basket

Help these characters to reach their home. You can control only Spongebob. Patrick will do exactly the opposite of Spongebob. Collecting the key will make the obstacles disappear. Collecting the coin will fetch you more points. The grey platform can be used only once. Complete the levels as soon as you can and earn more points. Play all levels to win the game.

Help Spongebob match 3 or more identical color items to clear the board as fast as you can before times up.

Spongebob Zuma

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Spongebob Zuma Game, Spongebob Zuma is a puzzle-shooting game, Destroy Balls by forming a group of 3 or more balls with the same colors/characters, Click the mouse to shoot the balls, press the space bar to swap the ball to be shot.

Arrange the pieces correctly to figure out the image To swap the position of a piece, just click on that piece and then on the neighboring one. The quicker you complete, the more you score.

A Classic Bubble Shooter game with a SpongeBob Theme, Aim the arrow to burst the matching SpongeBob Faces, in order to burst the bubbles you will need at least three of the same faces. Compete with your friends and family in this high score game.

Use mouse to sort the same pictures 3 or 4 in a row vertical or horizontal row to get points.

This is simple puzzle game. You have to find out the pairs of spongebob before the time runs out and move on to the next level. There are 16 balls for the first 5 levels and 24 for the rest.