Spiele aus der Kategorie „Puzzle“


Furry Brothers

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Pichu is a sympathetic friend who wants to play with his ball but this is beyond his reach, his brother, who is rebellious, throwing stones will help to break the barriers. Your challenge is to figure out which objects have to break and when to break them to get the ball to Pichu....


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Launch your ball & knock around & remove other colored balls & walls in as few shots as possible.

Fruit Slasher

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Fruit Slasher ist ein schickes Actionspiel in dem du die herumfliegenden Früchte in der Luft zerschneiden sollst. Versuche jede Frucht zu erwischen, um Punkte zu kassieren. Achte auf den Hamster, diesen darfst du nicht treffen. Es gibt viele Bonusitems und du kannst deinen Highscore hier hinterlegen.

Frogout is a physics-based puzzle platformer. Playing as a frog in a post-apocalyptic world, you must navigate your environment and eat the flies that you encounter. Submit your score after any level.

Frizzle Fraz

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Bouncy, swimmy, friendly Big Frizzle to the rescue!


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Read In Game Help Please!!!!

Fragger Lost City

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Fragger has returned with 30 new levels of grenade-blasting fun! Enjoy new physics-based challenges and try out the iPhone version for more levels!


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Dodge Stuff