Spiele aus der Kategorie „Liebe / Küssen“


Office Love

0 - 0 - ±0

Press the mouse button to kiss. Watch out for the boss.

Scooby Love Quest

0 - 0 - ±0

Help Scooby Doo to transfer the hearts from the girl to the boy, try not to get hit in the way

NOTE:- THIS IS A NON SCORING GAME FOR JUNIOR MEMBERS. These lovely bunnies have fallen in love with each other, but there are always people getting in the way of their kissing fun. Avoid those pesky birds, bunnies, and nerds, and keep them away from while these two bunnies fall in love all over again.

Love Escalator

0 - 0 - ±0

Fill up the couple meter before the time ends. Perfect, Good and Average match fills the couple meter but a Bad Match won't.

Love Birds

6 - 0 - ±0

Move the male bird around the tree and collect all the hearts without touching the branches There are many obstacles throughout the game including branches leaves flowers and etc You have a limited life to finish so be careful After collecting the entire hearts move to the female bird.

Indian Honeymoon

4 - 0 - ±0

Zombie Kiss

2 - 0 - ±0

See In Game

We Love Peach

2 - 0 - ±0

Aide l'ourson à prendre les bons produits