Spiele aus der Kategorie „Geschicklichkeit / Balance“


Fun Ball Maze

0 - 0 - ±0

Gently push the ball towards the glowing place. Do not let it touch the spikes and walls or you lose a life. Collect the golden stars on the way to get bonus points. Try to finish every level in the short time to earn more points. Complete all the levels to win the game.

Frat Beer Pong

0 - 0 - ±0

Who can beat a frat boy at beer pong?

Click on the heart to start the game. The heart moves wherever the cursor moves. Each time the heart hits an obstacle it loses one life and the game starts from the beginning. Collect all the stars to advance to next level.

An addictive chain reaction game with a upgrade system and a lot of achievements.

Fly Ball

0 - 0 - ±0

Control the ball through the Red Box. Collect the white and blue.


0 - 0 - ±0

Avoid the walls and lead him safely to the goal of every level.

Flower Throw

0 - 0 - ±0

Collect the flowers then throw them at the girl

Flower Rush

0 - 0 - ±0

Help the bee drop a seed into a flower pot through a row a blocks and grow a beatiful flower. Good luck!

Floaty Light

0 - 0 - ±0

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