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Birthday Blowout

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Party ist angesagt.
Verteil deine Partyflyer an den Strassenlaternen.
Danach geh shoppen im Supermarkt, aber stoss nirgends an.

Murphys Gesetz

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Zeit mal Staub zu saugen.

Click and drop flowers and decorations into empty plots to plant them. Then click on them and select the watering can to begin the watering minigame.

Be an amazing host, and give everybody a little treat for bringing the joy of the Christmas songs in your home. Hurry up so that you can give them all a treat! Merry Christmas!

Thrill Rush

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Hold on tight�it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

Thrill Rush 2

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The fun just got bumped up a notch in this wacky sequel! You control another runaway rollercoaster car as the track around you falls to pieces. Build up speed by freewheeling down the slopes, and fly through the air by jumping off the ramps and bouncing from trampolines. Watch the rocks overhead, though�duck before they knock you out of your cart. Play over and over again to collect more cash for some seriously cool upgrades.