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A nice walk in the enchanted forest is like the perfect chance for this fashionable bear to show off his most chic outfits and accessories!

Get this top model ready for a really glamorous, extravagant fashion show getting her an stunnin gown and some resplendent accessories!

Easter Girl Dress Up.

Dress Shop

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You are a top-seller and best outfit shop in the town. You must satisfy the customer's needs by bringing them the right clothes. Drag the required dress on the packing bag and then to serve them. Collect the money to upgrade your shop. Good Luck and Have Fun!

Dress My Doggie

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Waschen, foehnen, legen...und dann schick anziehen.
Achte darauf, das moeglichst alle Sterne leuchten.
Ein Game for Kids.

Dino Dressup

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Zieh die Dinos an. Klick auf die Kleidungsteile um sie zu tauschen
und verschieb sie mit gedrueckt gehaltener Maustaste auf den Dino.
Je passender die Kleidungsstuecke desto mehr Punkte bekommst Du.
Mit den Schiebereglern links unten
kannst du die Farbe des Dinos veraendern.

Forge a fabulous February fashion cover with looks that look forward to spring!

Chique Fashion Dress Up.

Butterfly Sky Dress Up.