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Race Ben10 through 10 levels of Halloween.

Rescue The Ben10

2 - 0 - ±0

Your task is to save Ben10 and his clones from the terrific shark. Help them for a safe landing. Every safe landing your score will increase. Reach the given target and move to the next level. If you not use the parachute, Ben 10 will be fall on sea and catch by hungry shark fish. Be careful, you have only 5 lives. Finish all levels and win the game.

Rescue Ben 10

0 - 0 - ±0

Save Ben 10 and his clones from the sharks.

Ben 10 Cavern run

1 - 0 - ±0

Ein Jump and run.
Das find mal schoen selber raus wie das funzt, ich hab noch mehr zu tun.

A Nice Ben 10 Pinball.

Ben10 Wildrun

0 - 0 - ±0

Please klick Try Again to submit your Score. This time Ben10 is running in speed to destroy all the enemies . Your task is to reach the destination without falling into pits. Get extra points by dashing enemies all along the way have fun!

Nun sind die Predators dran

Ben 10 - Top Gun

0 - 0 - ±0

Vilgax killen oder Opa retten, es liegt an Dir