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Funniest Catch

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Go fishing with two funny sailors and help them to get luck! Once upon a time there was a beautiful legend about the golden clownfish. Many brave and reckless sailors tried to find it, risking their own souls, fighting with other adventurers or disappearing mystically in the tentacles of the sea monsters. Now this myth is buried under the sea sand in the pile of pirates, sculls and the sea beasts are retired. But who knows, maybe the luck have. Click, hold, move and release the mouse to operate the web and catch the fishes. Try to use as less clicks as possible to get all the stars and achievements.

Fun Fishing

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Fun Fishing This demanding and difficult fishing simulation activity should prove good fit for fishing fans Kids, Girls, Boys, young and old who are searching for a realistic real online Fishing Game. Your objective is to catch as many fish as possible with the help of the hook. Don’t try to catch the trash in the lake! Controls: Hold on the Left Mouse Button to release the hook. Release the Left Mouse Button to catch the fish.

You are a treasure hunter which objective is to get enough gold and precious stones before the time finish.

Angle Dir alle Icons mit dem Seil. Angel auswerfen mit Pfeil nach unten.

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Indians Fishing

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Throw your spears at the right time to spear fish. Gather enough fish for upgrades as you proceed.

Fishing Lalala

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Long time no fishing game! And this one shows how hectic this sport can be. Use arrows and space to control and learn how by clicking on the starfish.

Fisherman Fun

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